Are you on a mission to make friends with sober, too? Do you want to work to support, encourage and celebrate the choice to live sober? If so, we’d love to collaborate. We are hoping to do one partnership per quarter so if you have an idea and want to share it, do get in touch.

Please drop us a line at so we can discuss in more detail.


Lucy + Sara


Past Collaborations 

Sober Spring
  • Collaboration with: Catherine Gray (
  • About the project: Force for good in the sober community, Catherine Gray, created Sober Spring - 93 days of feeling sunshine warm sober. The idea being that to truly feel the full benefits of being sober you need to give it three months. To celebrate the completion of Sober Spring, we've collaborated on a bespoke card for the Tribes to provide support and encouragement they have given one another. 
  • To view: (